Reef Villa

Over the weekend, I went to Wadduwa to check out this new boutique villa that had just come on the market. Well technically its been open since January 2009 but hardly anyone knows about it, which is such a shocker. Seriously. Its one of the nicest properties I’ve been to and its quite unique. The … Continue reading

Horizontally Challenged

I’m constantly asking my friends and family if my face is fat or I’ve put on weight in some area of my anatomy. The answer is always “don’t be silly, we would tell you if you did”, with the exception of one friend who seems to study everyone and their proportions on a daily basis and … Continue reading


So I’m back in town from yet another trip to Yala, second trip this month already and all I want to do is drive back out there again to see the Notorious LEOPARD. Last time we went, it was totally spontaneous deciding just 2 hours before we headed out for 2 days. This time round … Continue reading

Chocolate Cravings

Im having another one of my cravings! Just for the record I AM NOT PREGNANT. God only knows what ill be asking for when I actually am. Since I just adore Mango Achcharu, maybe it’ll be something with chocolate, chilli, salt and mango! Ick that sounds disgusting…. Im getting totally side tracked now…But you know … Continue reading

The beginning

Hello! One of my friends was talking about a blog she was reading and about how unnecessary it is for people to talk about their private lives. I totally agreed with her but was intrigued when she sent me the link. I couldn’t stop reading. It was simply mesmerising. I guess a little bit of … Continue reading