So I’m back in town from yet another trip to Yala, second trip this month already and all I want to do is drive back out there again to see the Notorious LEOPARD.

Last time we went, it was totally spontaneous deciding just 2 hours before we headed out for 2 days. This time round we had 4 days to spare and stayed at a luxurious by Yala standards villa in Kirinda. So off we went, 10 of us and all the camera equipment. I swear we could have filled an entire jeep with all the paraphernalia, but that’s what keeps the men happy, so best let that go 🙂

We weren’t lucky this time with the leopards as we were last time, so everyone got their nickers in a twist when the tracker and I noticed one going into the jungle. The monkeys were screeching and a jungle fowl was running around madly, so we figured it hadn’t gone very far. The bunch of us decided it was worth waiting no matter how long for it to come out in order to get a “good clean shot”. So there we are patiently waiting for over twenty minutes when a wretched jeep comes chugging along, ruining the perfect moment and the silence. Idiots i tell you, but in their defence how were they supposed to know what the hell we were doing with our engines off and no one speaking! So that was the end of our hunt for the leopard shot.

I was so annoyed by the whole episode, but i guess shit happens! I wish they would have electric jeeps or something so it wouldn’t make such a big racket inside the park, so a few of us who are quite keen in regards to wildlife would get our sense of fulfilment.

It was quite disappointing, this last trip to Yala considering we only saw buffaloes and deer and well my favourite Malaba Hornbill.

I guess the only consolation was the inviting swimming pool and vodka to drown our sorrows, when we got back to the villa. Oh how I wish i was in that pool right now, sipping on some apeach vodka on the rocks and shouting for Chandana to bring some bites, whilst “Surangani! Surangani! Suranganita malu genawa” (the new version) plays in the background.


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