Reef Villa

Over the weekend, I went to Wadduwa to check out this new boutique villa that had just come on the market. Well technically its been open since January 2009 but hardly anyone knows about it, which is such a shocker. Seriously. Its one of the nicest properties I’ve been to and its quite unique.

The property spans 3 acres of lush garden and has its own private beach. There are only a handful of properties in Sri Lanka that have their own private beaches, Mount Lavinia Hotel, Amanwella and Aditya amongst them. It is set in extensive landscaped tropical gardens with palm fringed pavilions and reflection pools that create romance and grandeur.

The owners have taken great care when planning the property and it oozes attention to detail. The rooms are named after 7 local flowers and are huge to say the least. The antique furniture is based on those used by the members of the East India Company. The highly decorated antique Jacobean Calcutta four poster beds were used during the British Raj and these, together with the ceiling fixed punkah fans which I had never seen before certainly makes you feel apart of days gone by.

Will and Grace, the resident German Sheppard’s are the perfect companions for an afternoon of hide and seek if you can tear yourself away from the room. The food is an experience in itself, although on the expensive side and is not included in the quoted rates but the owners and staff are extremely hospitable and certainly go out of their way to make your stay unforgettable.

Whilst sitting near the pool sipping my watermelon juice, watching the sun set over the Indian ocean, I could picture myself living here with all these luxuries…

Too bad my husband had to tap on my shoulder and interrupt my thoughts by saying it was time to go…. 😦

The following images are the property of Reef Villa.

Gate HouseVerandaCalcutta BedSwimming PoolTimber Bridge to main House at DuskWater Garden Stepping Stones at DuskDrivewayWater GardenOlu VerandaMain HouseMain HouseMain House from Swimmig PoolOlu BathroomManel Bedroom

10 Responses to “Reef Villa”
  1. Dee says:

    wow looks fantastic!

  2. Rine says:

    wow! what are the prices like? would you know?

  3. Looks wonderful, especially the third row of pics, would love to sit there now.

  4. Looks beautiful.. and that’s amazing photography too!

  5. residentprincess says:

    Dee – yeah it is.

    Rine – well the rooms only range from 19k to about 24k and full board pp per day works out to be about $40, which is quite steep. I would say the room rates are similar to that of Aditya.

    theselittleearthquakes – i know exactly what you mean. 🙂

  6. ~lo$t $oul ~ says:

    The place is just too tempting to try out..

    Did you try to say it can run upto $400 or is $40 correct?

  7. black says:

    WOW – the place is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  8. residentprincess says:

    Lost soul – what i meant to say is…its between 19k to 24k room only and food comes to about $40 pp per day for 3 meals. 🙂

    Black – It really is. I couldn’t believe that people didn’t know about this place.

    Just Chilling – the photo credits should go to the reef 🙂 they were more than happy to let me use their pics.

  9. Harumi says:

    Wow.. must say you’ve got great photography skills plus the place looks absolutely superb.. I hope it’s become a famous resort by now.. cuz it’s such a waste with all those stunning backdrops and plushy amenities.

    PS: you’re really skilled at promoting properties too. =D

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