Unwanted house guests!

Yesterday, I got home just in time to watch the match. Id been having anxiety attacks about the game all day so I thought it best to settle myself down before the toss. I had picked up the dry cleaning earlier and couldn’t be bothered carrying it upstairs so decided that I would dump it on the guest bed till after the match.

That’s when I saw a little fluffy thing hanging on my curtain. Half of me was saying, “forget it, shut the door and go watch the match” and the other half was saying, “what the hell was that???”. My curiosity got the better of me. It was two squirrels. Eeeek! Its all very well that they are cute and all but I flipped out seeing them inside my house. I scared them as much as they scared me. One scurried out of the room. Damn! I quickly ran to the sliding doors and opened it and for my luck the baby squirrel went out.

Told the husband that there was a squirrel in the house and he goes “how cute”. Definitely not the answer I expected. They have rabies for god sake and eat curtains and what not. Im not pleased to say the least.

Forgot about it for the period of the match and was hoping it had let itself out after I left most of the windows open. Wishful thinking! This morning I heard it scurrying about. I honestly don’t know how the hell it got in, in the first place but well I guess either it will be smart and get the hell out of the house or starve to death, cause I ain’t feeding it.

I sound like quite a monster dont I? Seriously I love animals and will never harm them but my patience is thining.

So all I have to say is hurry up and leave Mr. Squirrel, cause for now I think your still cute.

3 Responses to “Unwanted house guests!”
  1. Chavie says:

    Cuuuuute!! 😀 Here\’s the deal about Squirrels: They eat stuff! Books, curtains, clothes… nothing is going to be safe really… But I don\’t think they\’d attack humans unless you move in to catch them… I think it\’ll be better for both yourself and the squirrels if you block their entry point (into the house) and keep them out… they\’d prolly move into the ceiling then… 🙂

  2. Jack Point says:

    Nice post, interesting blog.

  3. Harumi says:

    Poor squirrels.. I sincerely hope they got out of the house alive! lol

    oh by the way they do bite for very odd reasons, I for example saved a lil squirrel from the jaws of death (from the mouth of my pet cat while it was still alive!) who has been hunting the poor creature for like 1.5 days! It was starved and thirsty so I gave the lil squirrel some water to drink, and instead of sipping the water it actually turned around and bit my finger! (for saving its life?) lol

    I did release it to the wild.. (a tree outside the house) and it zoomed up the tree, so yep, it was ok.. but I wasn’t, as I had to get the Toxoide plus a bigger dose of scolding from my mom! ^__^ But I still think they’re cute and adorable.. =D

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