For Michael

Its been just over a week since we all heard the shocking news about Michael Jackson’s death. I guess its taken this long for me to gather my thoughts on this musical genius.

Ive known and recognised Michael’s music since I was only 3. I’m guessing I caught on from thaththi’s passion for music. His music constantly filled our home with happy memories. One memory is of me prancing around the house singing Billy Jean with a spoon for a mike and my aunts massive sunglasses which were as large as my face.

Its no wonder that after starting nursery I used to tell the other kids that I used to live with Michael Jackson and that he used to fly me all the way to school in his Helicopter. They actually believed me. LOL!

I used to have a scrapbook with all the articles I could possibly get my hands on with pictures and paper cut 0uts sent by my cousins in England.

Ive never believed any of the bad press he gained over the years. Many of my friends  say that I’m unrealistic. Probably true, but for me Michael’s music created so many happy memories that listening to all this news of child molestation and what not, would just burst the happy little bubble I had built around myself.

There isn’t a night even now when I head out to ‘Sugar’ that I don’t request for a MJ song. Many of you might have even been there. Next time you head that way and you hear a familiar MJ song, look around for a girl whose dancing giddily whilst the rest of her friends give her ” we don’t know you looks”!

I cant say I’m going to miss him cause his music will certainly live on and hopefully my children will know and enjoy his music as much as I have and continue to. However saying that, I am disappointed that I will never fulfil one of my dreams/wishes to see him perform like I had hoped in London this summer. 😦

Ive attached a photo of Michael rehearsing for the moon walk which was first telecast when he performed “Billy Jean” at Motown’s 25th anniversary celebrations. By far my favourite song!

Training to perform the Moonwalk

One Response to “For Michael”
  1. Harumi says:

    Wow.. that’s sweet to hear you knew him since you were 3. He’s a big inspiration no doubt, to many of us since our childhood.

    Guess it’s another tragedy that involved paparazi, just like princess Diana’s tragic end. A scary truth about this world.

    But ya, his works will live on for many more years, decades and perhaps centuries. Billy Jeans was a definite favorite, and I liked all his classics too.. including Earth song and Will you be there.. the most touching.

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