New Me????

I havent written a post in so many months it feels strange to actually find time to collect my thoughts.

Life has been busy! New Job. New House.

Moving house is just beyond crazy. You will know exactly what I mean if you’ve been through the process. Firstly, having to sit down and start packing things and then marking the boxes, so that when you finally do move, your not wondering “Now what the hell did I put in this box?”. The breakables are the worst. You have to wrap and re-wrap the glass wear. argh! The moving is no better. There is one moving company in Colombo called “City Movers” that was suggested to us by friends but I decided that other people wouldnt understand the value we placed on our things (if you get my drift). I ended up lugging stuff back and forth for easily over a week (I should have just hired someone to do it for me). The worst part was having to unpack and re-wash most of it (clothes, kitchen stuff etc). THE JOYS OF MOVING HOUSE i tell you! Im sorry to say but MEN during this time are USELESS. My husband’s approach to moving was “Just put it in some box”….like thats going to achieve anything???

The new job is ok. I miss my friends from the old place terribly but everyone’s nice and helpful but so damn quiet. I guess maybe that’s why my boss hired a loud mouth like me to liven up the place. Im not complaining though, the work is challenging and the compensation is good so no problem there.

With all these changes I was wondering whether its time for a new ME?? I actually like the old me. Maybe Ill get my hair styled differently. Well Ive decided one things for certain though and that is, no matter how crazy life is Im going to write regularly and not make excuses.

Should make an appointment with the salon soon 🙂

4 Responses to “New Me????”
  1. Chavie says:

    great to have you back! 😀 the only memory I have of moving house is sleeping on a mattress as it was being loaded onto a lorry! 😕 (I was 3 years old at the time! lol)

  2. u4j10 says:

    looking forward to more postings on your blog 😀

  3. Was going some of my old post.. saw ur comment.. and wondered where have you gone missing..?!?! Welcome back.. hope to see posts often… 🙂

    Moving houses is such..(let me stop there)..

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