This little piggy!

Today, my colleague N was going on about how she would like a pet pig and how cute they are. The general reaction around office was….oh yum! The boys seemed to say how great it would be for roasting. 🙂

Actually having a pet pig sounds really interesting, doesnt it?

Did you know that there were Micro Pigs? Well they are really cute, extremely clean, manageable, dont grow and are only 14″ high. They reach maturity in 4 months at which point they can mate. They are extremely loveable and sociable creatures so its best to actually get two.

The biggest catch however is that they cost a whopping 1100 quid which is ridiculous. Im guessing most people would get them for breeding purposes in order to earn a quick buck but that seems cruel.

I really want one, maybe for Christmas, specially after seeing the picture below. The only issue is that I can’t trust the husband while im asleep. 😀


Micro Pigs

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2 Responses to “This little piggy!”
  1. oh they are YUM YUM!! hehehe..

    Are u serious u wan pig for pets?!?!

  2. Chavie says:

    I read somewhere that pigs are the most intelligent out of all farm animals… and have a keen sense of smell too! 😀

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