Recently I have been preoccupied about my stalker. Yes I have one or I had one. I’m yet to find out what will happen.

Lets start from the very beginning. One saturday morning, I’m running my weekend errands, when I suddenly realise that this car is following me. I knew it was tailing me cause if  it wanted it could have easily overtaken me but it didn’t and to add to being tailed it was driving like crazy. I thought it must have been one of two things.

1. I many have cut into it thus pissing off the driver or something like that but I was in no hurry that day.

2. I may have cut into it and since I was a female the driver decided to scare me by giving chase. (Sri Lankan men seem to have some sought of complex about female drivers).

Anyway, I decided to ignore it and continue on. I first stopped at the laundry and expected the tailing car to just keep going. It didn’t. It stopped just in front of my car. I decided that it was safe enough for me to get out and carry on which I did. While I was at the laundry though I called up a mate to inform her (lets call her SW) of what was happening and where I was going next in case this lunatic decided to follow me. When I came out the stalker car had been turned around and was now in front of my car but facing me. Thats when I saw it was a guy, probably no older than me (lets call him X). He watched me walking back to my car in the creepiest way but I ignored him and got into my car while noting down his number plate. I then pulled out pretty sure that I couldn’t be followed since it would take X more than a few moments to do a U-turn. Once I got to my destination I called up SW again and explained the balance to her. SW’s husband kept asking me if was sure it wasnt a friend playing a prank. I was sure. A friend wouldn’t act so psychotic.

I started getting text messages that evening. It continued for a couple of days. I eventually told the sender to fuck off and that I wasnt interested.

No sight of X for a couple of days and then he appears again side by side with me in traffic. I was trying so hard to make out his face but his windows were tinted. At one point there were no cars in front of him but he kept up next to me. This freaked out quite a bit as it was around 6.45pm thus I drove straight to my in-laws place knowing that someone would be home. He didn’t follow but I saw him looking on in my rear view mirror.

Then X appears again after a week  in traffic again on the way home but I managed to lose him. Luckily for me it was nearing April now and I left on a three-week holiday to California happily forgetting about X.

One week after getting back from the US, SW and husband invited me and my better half to come along to Kandy with them. We went along as we had nothing better to do in Colomb. Had a fantastic weekend in Kandy although the heat was no better. Met a fantastic bunch of SW and husband’s friends, some of whom we’ve met before. On sunday morning after breakfast we broke into conversation about cars and the upcoming budget. A friend of SW’s called Y told me that he drove a particular car which maybe affected by the budget and we got into a long conversation about how mine will be affected too.

Finally after a few drinks on Sunday, we decide to leave for Lunch in Kandy town and then head back to Colombo. I was looking forward to the drive home (spending some quality time with my better half). We checked out and walked up the stairway to the car park when I suddenly stopped mid step. SW who was walking right behind me nearly stumbled into me. At that very moment parked right in front of me was my stalker (X’s) car. The number was and is unmistakable and I will never forgot it. I turned around and told SW what I had seen. She was in complete shock! Thats when I saw Y and his beautiful girlfriend getting into X’s car……….

Y is………… X and I spent an entire fucking weekend with him and I think he knew all along. What an idiot he must think I am. I think he realised that I had put the pieces together cause he avoided me like the plague when we got to Kandy town for lunch.

My husband wanted to assault him and so did SW’s husband but I said that it wasnt the right time as we were SW’s guests.

What I can’t understand is how can such a nice guy with a beautiful amazing girlfriend be so shady??? At this point I’m trying to figure out if it was X (Y) sending me the text messages.

4 Responses to “Stalked”
  1. Cadence says:

    Weird :s well atleast u know now right?

  2. black says:

    er… what a creep! :S

  3. crystal flame says:

    holy shittake. creepy. such a wacko! o_O

  4. Sabby says:

    That’s just plain scary! O_O

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