So a good friend of mine was telling me a story the other day that actually made me stop in my tracks. All I could say was “Damn”.

Turns out that my friend was sleeping with his ex over the last couple of weeks. She had called him a couple of days ago and wanted him to come over. He had bought himself some supplies 🙂 in anticipation of the evening and turned up at her place, only to find that she had called him over to tell him in person that she was getting married. WTF???

It’s all very well for people to get married and all but have the common decency to tell your bed fellow that your actually cheating on your fiancé!

What do you’ll think??

3 Responses to “Ex”
  1. CF says:

    damn! harsh. life.

  2. Another story of the darker shade 🙂

    Yes tell you either one (ur partner/cheating partner)… 🙂 so everyone’s on the same page.

  3. residentprincess says:

    CF & Lost – My sentiments exactly.

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