So Sri Lanka has just been given a special public and bank holiday on the 18th! I must say im ecstatic. Couldnt imagine trying to get to work tomorrow with the well thought out traffic plan. Sheesh! What the hell were they thinking?? “Walk from Fort railway station and park your car on the road” was the response of one person at Overseas Reality, the company that manages the WTC. As if we can just park our cars on the road, randomly and walk to work. I’m guessing close to a million people work in the fort area, possibly more, imagine the chaos!!!!!

Like most people in Colombo I’ve been feeling under the weather these past couple of days so I’m looking forward to sleeping late and letting my body recuperate so I can be ready to go on Monday morning. The drugs are certainly keeping me happy! Hubby is off to Thailand and Indonesia tonight. Sucks. Second business trip in two weeks. 😦

Photo Credit: http://jimyblitz.blogspot.com/

2 Responses to “Weekend”
  1. Dee says:

    its not a mencatile holiday, boohoo:(

  2. residentprincess says:

    I know! 😦 Lucky we have the same holidays as banks being an investment bank 🙂

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