Pet Peeve

People borrowing my stationery really irritates me!

I have to admit I’m a stationery freak. I can spend hours on end at “Staples” or any other office store for that matter. I wouldn’t blame it on me being an only child cause I am quite happy sharing with people. Its just that I spend a lot of time, money and effort choosing by stationary and other people just think of it as “just another pen”. But its not. I have a count of exactly how many pens of varying colours i may have, my pencils are always sharpened, my stationary draw is always in order and I have various office gadgets which are hard to come by.

I’m alright with people borrowing them but I look at them earnestly till they return it to me. My colleagues in office don’t bother asking me to borrow anything cause although I don’t make a fuss I supposedly look at them with “your killing me here” eyes.

Anyway life goes on! Oh I forgot to mention that my obsession is only with gel pens. I’m happy to carry ball point pens with me for people to borrow and never return. 🙂

Photo Credits: Pencil collection

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5 Responses to “Pet Peeve”
  1. prittypeaches says:

    I can understand that. Though my is a lot more variable in which ones I won’t want to lend out. I am perpetually finding new pens that I like and become my new favourite. So I am happy enough to give away last week’s favourite or the one I bought and didn’t like. It is never ‘just another pen’ though I agree.

  2. aahaha we have something in common, not to ur extent 😀 i hate wen ppl borrow or take without even asking n NEVER bother to return.

    *can i have a pen pls* 😛

  3. Cadence says:

    I hate lending ANY kind of pen. Be it even the most mundane Atlas or Lexi. My boss bugs me often after I’d supposedly asked him to return my pen please after he’d borrowed it to sign off a document!

    Same goes with staplers,sellotape,hi-lighters etc! 🙂

  4. Resident Princess says:

    @ pp, lost and cadence – its nice to know that I’m not the only one. all my friends think I’m silly to obsess about stationary.

  5. bookjunkie says:

    I am obsessive about my books the way you are about stationary…..but I do love my stationary as well.

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