When age does matter

I haven’t been eating well over the past few days. My parents were concerned cause they can’t generally get me away from food. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant cause I complained I was tired and sleepy and feeling nauseous. I saw a gleam in my father in-law’s eyes but he never said anything except for “you should rest”. Decided to go see my aunt about it and she told me that I’m probably having a urine infection! I would have never jumped to the same conclusion but that’s why I’m not a doctor!

Whilst writing out the prescription for my tests she wrote down my age down as 25 and I was like “Podi Nandi, I’m 27!”. She then went on to tell me I should sort out my anemia and have children soon. This was quite weird coming from her cause she is someone who has never made such statements to me before. I asked her why and what she told me shocked me.

Did you know that women who have children at a younger age have a less likelihood of having breast cancer?

As in the further away from 30 that you are, the better. I would have never made the connection. Since Breast Cancer is rampant in my family I have been giving it some serious thought over the past few days. I’m still not ready to have children but I feel that this new piece of information will help me make a decision about it at least early next year.

My test results are out this evening. Wonder what they will reveal.

On a happier note one of my friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this morning. Her name is Sadie which means princess.

Welcome to the world Sadie Crusz! 🙂

Photo Credit: http://www.PoshLittleTutus.com

4 Responses to “When age does matter”
  1. Santhoshi says:

    Take care princess.

  2. Resident Princess says:

    Thanks Santhoshi! The tests all came out normal so basically I’m in good health. 🙂

  3. There is apparently a lot for me to ascertain outside of my books. Thanks for the great read,

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