The 13th Sign

This morning I’m listening to the radio on my way to work when they start discussing the 13th sign of the zodiac. WHAT??? So it seems that there is a new sign called “Ophiuchus”, pronounced “Oficus” and it falls between November 30th and December 17th. My initial thought was that all hell would break loose. … Continue reading

Glorious Jaffna

As I was telling you before I have been keeping myself extremely busy in the recent months. A collegue of mine and I have in been busy putting together a coffee table book on Jaffna. The official launch of the book was last week and it went off spendidly me thinks. I did the writing … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Alright alright I know I’m late in wishing everyone but better late than never right? 😀 I have been keeping myself really busy in the recent past and thus the lack of posts, but I have made it a new year resolution to spend more time on my writing skills and … Continue reading