Independence Day Weekend

We are on the verge of the first long weekend of 2011!

My weekend actually starts tomorrow with a trip to Trincomalee till Friday to view some properties for hotel development  followed by a trip to India from Saturday to Monday to attend a wedding.

I will be staying at the Chaaya Blue in Trincomalee. Never stayed there before but have heard excellent reviews. Too bad the rain will dampen the trip. 😦 Was excited at the possibility of snorkeling. I’m taking “The Pleasure Seeker” by Tishani Doshi along, in case I don’t get to hit the beaches. I met her at the Galle Literary Festival last weekend and she came across as a lovely person. Did any of you manage to make it down to Galle last weekend? I’m already planning my trip to next year’s festival. I tend to get ahead of myself quite often but life doesn’t seem balanced and right if im not planning something!

It will be my first south Indian wedding. I’m told it is a complete contrast from north indian weddings but the groom has promised a fun-filled weekend even though the actual ceremony only takes place on Monday morning. I’m going with my in-laws so I guess I have to be on my best behavior.

Quite upset that the better half will not be there but instead will be in Russia. I actually feel sorry for him. It’s supposed to be bloody cold and you would think that he is used to it considering he makes two trips to Moscow every year, but he says its colder than ever before. I will on the other hand be sweating buckets in Trichy (or is it raining there too?)!

Have decided to wear a Tangerine  tusser silk sari teamed with a hot pink raw silk elbow length jacket. Wonder what time I will have to get up considering the ceremony starts at 6am?

Anyways that’s it for now. Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead and will let you know next week how my stay at the Bangala (that’s what the wedding planner calls it) went!

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