Action packed February!

Its been a really hectic month specially with the two long weekends we have all enjoyed.

The trip to India went off really well. I loved the food although I was so worried about the weight I may have gained after all those yummy Idli’s and Dosa’s. For my luck nothing showed on the scale. Like I said before,, it was my first South Indian wedding. The weekend was packed with cocktails, dinners and lunch in order for everyone to mingle and the actual ceremony took place at 6am on Monday morning.

I was not too thrilled about waking up at 3am and getting dolled up. Dont get me wrong, im definitely a morning person, but getting into a sari and wearing make up at that time seems a little insane to me! But being the good sport that I am I chirpily went along getting dressed and actually made it to the car on time, because we had to be driven to the house where the ceremony was to take place. So once in the car I’m told that there will be 1500 at the ceremony after which all 1500 people will be fed. There was one calculation running through my head; 1 house = 1500 people = CAOS

I mean ive been to big houses but this was a whole new experience. Anyway everything went off smoothly and it was a beautiful wedding but I didn’t hang around long enough to eat. preferred to head back to the lovely boutique hotel and eat something simple in peace.

For the five-day long weekend hubby took me to Singapore as an advanced birthday treat. Me being my typical self, made him feel guilty for missing my birthday which is in a couple of days. It was a lovely relaxing holiday where we ate, shopped and slept! We brunched near the marina, had a few drinks at District 10 and sipped coffees at P.S. Cafe in Harding which was so romantic. I wish Colombo could have places like that cause I’m sure there would be plenty of people who appreciate that kind of thing.

Anyway Hubby is in Dubai attending Gulf Food 2011 and I’m hanging out with my mom in law and thoroughly enjoying being pampered. Just got back from a 4km brisk walk around Independence square followed by salad for dinner and I must say I feel pretty damn good. The fact that I havent gobbled up some heavy meal for dinner just makes me feel better.

So with the big TWO EIGHT looming I’ve decided to try a birthday resolution (if there is such a thing)!

1. Eat healthier. i.e. stay away from my favourites like bacon and french fries

2. Stay off alcohol (I’m going to hear an earful on my birthday)

3. Exercise regularly (which I do already)

Im going to weigh myself now and again in a month, minus the alcohol, bacon and fries and see if ive achieved something! It’s only going to get more difficult as I get older, to lose weight and well I want to be healthy when I hit THREE OH cause im told that weight loss goes down hill from that point. 🙂

So on that note here’s wishing you all a healthy week!

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