Friday adventures

Hope everyone is having a lovely victory day 2011 thus far. I for one have had a chilled out day.

After a week of traffic jams, blaring horns, accidents and much cussing on everyone’s part (at least those of us exposed to Fort traffic) it was a breeze getting to work this morning. I was really hoping for a day off but the damned Colombo Stock Exchange decided to work today of all days. Overseas Reality, the company that owns WTC informed us that the car park would be closed today so a friend of mine and I decided to park our cars at home and hop a tuk tuk to work. What a ride that was. As most roads were closed this morning, the poor chap took small dingy roads to get us as close to our destination as possible.

My friend D who normally never uses public transport was screaming, “OMG I’m going to die with you in this”! LOL ! It was certainly an adventure. We both had no idea where he was taking us and to top it all off we seemed to SMELL Colombo. Seriously have you ever taken the time to smell Colombo? I mean it was a first for me. The smells are so vast from sweet to sour to rotten. Ick!

We were lucky to get right up to WTC before they closed the roads and was thankful for not having to walk too far as anticipated.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully there will be less traffic cause I’m so tired of having my foot on the brakes and inching forward and shouting at moron’s on the road. Heading to the Green Chilli Fest tomorrow with some friends. Hopefully it will be a lot of fun. Anyone else going?

Oh and HAPPY VICTORY DAY everyone! Lets hope at least next year they will have it in Hambantota!!

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2 Responses to “Friday adventures”
  1. Jack Point says:

    Heh heh, good post, yes lets hope they move it to Hambantota but it seems a bit unlikely.

    There is apparently, a great deal of nothing in Hambantota….

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