Chasing Harry Winston

Was recently having a chat with one of my friends who makes jewellery and sources diamonds and coloured stones for some very prestigious fashion houses and world-renowned jewellers. What started out as a conversation about what he was getting me for my 30th birthday ended up becoming a much appreciated afternoon of all things diamond. We started looking at classic pieces since I’m personally drawn towards them, which led me naturally to the Harry Winston site.

I may sound shallow saying this but a visit to New York would be incomplete without a stop at Harry Winston on 5th Avenue. “The Incredibles” by Harry Winston is full of rare gemstones, massive proportions and Harry Winston classic designs, each piece featuring gemstones hand-set in platinum and yellow gold by a single craftsman.

The antique creations were inspired by Harry Winston’s extensive archives, including drawings by the company’s legendary jeweler, A.V. Shinde.

The Incredibles, made of not only rings, but necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, are a collection of custom designed pieces using only the finest and rarest of gems and metals.  No two pieces are alike as each piece is a collective collaboration by both Harry Winston and the client.  Clients work with expert jewelers to design and create an exquisite piece of jewelry starting with a single gemstone that will be cherished for generations upon generations.  Often made in large proportions, the jewels exhibit the extreme talent and craftsmanship of Harry Winston jewellers.

The images speak for themselves (and these are only a few).

Diamond & Emerald Ring

Yellow Sapphire Ring

Yellow Diamond Drop Earrings

Caftan Diamond Earrings

Padparadscha Sapphires Necklace

Qipao Diamond Cuff Bracelet

One can dream right? Sigh…….


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