Puppy Love

Came across this interesting article about Tibetan Mastiffs! They are absolutely gorgeous dogs. Have a read when time permits! http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/08/06/tibetan-mastiffs-dogs-that-fetch-600000-in-china/?hpt=C2 Would love to know your thoughts… Photo Credit: http://www.time.com Advertisements

This little piggy!

Today, my colleague N was going on about how she would like a pet pig and how cute they are. The general reaction around office was….oh yum! The boys seemed to say how great it would be for roasting. 🙂 Actually having a pet pig sounds really interesting, doesnt it? Did you know that there … Continue reading

one down, one to go!

Remember how I thought one squirrel actually let itself out of the house?? I was horribly wrong. I found the poor bugger dead in my guest bedroom. Asked the husband what I should do with it and was told to promptly put it in the main garbage storage outside! I felt so bad when I … Continue reading

Unwanted house guests!

Yesterday, I got home just in time to watch the match. Id been having anxiety attacks about the game all day so I thought it best to settle myself down before the toss. I had picked up the dry cleaning earlier and couldn’t be bothered carrying it upstairs so decided that I would dump it on … Continue reading