Action packed February!

Its been a really hectic month specially with the two long weekends we have all enjoyed. The trip to India went off really well. I loved the food although I was so worried about the weight I may have gained after all those yummy Idli’s and Dosa’s. For my luck nothing showed on the scale. … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Alright alright I know I’m late in wishing everyone but better late than never right? šŸ˜€ I have been keeping myself really busy in the recent past and thus the lack of posts, but I have made it a new year resolution to spend more time on my writing skills and … Continue reading

A Great Pick-UpĀ Line!

Smiley face written in the sky during the inauguration of Governor Bob Martinez Back in Uni, I used to hang out with a bunch of girls who were beautiful and intelligent. It would be a common for Betty and Usha to receive numerous pick up lines on our nights out on the town. One particular … Continue reading

When age does matter

IĀ haven’tĀ been eating well over the past few days. My parents wereĀ concernedĀ cause they can’t generally get me away from food. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant cause I complained I was tired and sleepy and feeling nauseous. I saw a gleam in my father in-law’s eyes but he never said anything except for … Continue reading

Pet Peeve

People borrowing my stationery really irritates me! I have to admit I’m a stationery freak. I can spend hours on end at “Staples” or any other office store for that matter. I wouldn’t blame it on me being an only child cause I am quite happy sharing with people. Its just that I spend a … Continue reading

The PrincessĀ Revealed!

With the current tag going around with LD then RD and subsequently Lost, I’ve decided to list down a bunch of my favourite things. Spending time with my family Afternoon tea A chilled glass of Chardonnay or Champagne Spending time with my best buds Cuddling my husband and irritating him Going on holiday White Roses … Continue reading


So Sri Lanka has just been given a special public and bank holiday on the 18th! I must say im ecstatic. Couldnt imagine trying to get to work tomorrow with the well thought out traffic plan. Sheesh! What the hell were they thinking?? “Walk from Fort railway station and park your car on the road” … Continue reading

1st ofĀ March!

Its my Birthday today! Yay! I know its weirdĀ for people to actually tell others its their birthday but I don’t care. Its my favourite day of the year because I’m treated like a princess more than I usually am! The only downside is getting a year older, but it seems a small price to pay! … Continue reading


Better late than never! Happy New Year fellow bloggers. Hope this year brings you lots of sex and booze and on a mooshy note, love, peace and happiness. I’m sad that the Missing Sandwich has decided to stop sharing her life with us. I have really enjoyed reading her blog. šŸ˜¦ I have made a … Continue reading

NewĀ Me????

I havent written a post in so many months it feels strange to actually find time to collect my thoughts. Life has been busy! New Job. New House. Moving house is just beyond crazy. You will know exactly what I mean if you’ve been through the process. Firstly, having to sit down and start packing … Continue reading