Independence Day Weekend

We are on the verge of the first long weekend of 2011! My weekend actually starts tomorrow with a trip to Trincomalee till Friday to view some properties for hotel development  followed by a trip to India from Saturday to Monday to attend a wedding. I will be staying at the Chaaya Blue in Trincomalee. Never … Continue reading

The 13th Sign

This morning I’m listening to the radio on my way to work when they start discussing the 13th sign of the zodiac. WHAT??? So it seems that there is a new sign called “Ophiuchus”, pronounced “Oficus” and it falls between November 30th and December 17th. My initial thought was that all hell would break loose. … Continue reading

Glorious Jaffna

As I was telling you before I have been keeping myself extremely busy in the recent months. A collegue of mine and I have in been busy putting together a coffee table book on Jaffna. The official launch of the book was last week and it went off spendidly me thinks. I did the writing … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Alright alright I know I’m late in wishing everyone but better late than never right? 😀 I have been keeping myself really busy in the recent past and thus the lack of posts, but I have made it a new year resolution to spend more time on my writing skills and … Continue reading

Up up and away….

A very close friend of mine celebrated his birthday yesterday. We normally get out of town but this a year decided to notch up the celebrations and hopped on a hot air balloon in Dambulla. The experience was amazing! I am terrified of heights and was having mixed feelings about the whole thing but didn’t … Continue reading

My Favourite Songs – well just three of them!

These three songs always hit a nerve with me. I will always stop and listen if ever they are played, be it on the radio or as the first dance at a wedding. I love Stings music and have come to love the The Real Thing and The Temptations although both these groups are from … Continue reading

A Great Pick-Up Line!

Smiley face written in the sky during the inauguration of Governor Bob Martinez Back in Uni, I used to hang out with a bunch of girls who were beautiful and intelligent. It would be a common for Betty and Usha to receive numerous pick up lines on our nights out on the town. One particular … Continue reading

When age does matter

I haven’t been eating well over the past few days. My parents were concerned cause they can’t generally get me away from food. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant cause I complained I was tired and sleepy and feeling nauseous. I saw a gleam in my father in-law’s eyes but he never said anything except for … Continue reading

Puppy Love

Came across this interesting article about Tibetan Mastiffs! They are absolutely gorgeous dogs. Have a read when time permits! Would love to know your thoughts… Photo Credit:

Pet Peeve

People borrowing my stationery really irritates me! I have to admit I’m a stationery freak. I can spend hours on end at “Staples” or any other office store for that matter. I wouldn’t blame it on me being an only child cause I am quite happy sharing with people. Its just that I spend a … Continue reading