Just realised that I haven’t written anything in so long. I haven’t even had the time to read my favourite blogs. Can’t believe this post is going to be my first for 2012. Better late than never I suppose but so annoyed with myself as I wanted to make an effort this year to really pen my thoughts.

The new year has brought about alot of excitement and I must say I am a happy little bunny. Have been fully utilising the southern expressway and have realised that I have spent the last 5 consecutive weekends in Talpe and Galle.

Talpe is this beautiful stretch of beach just passing UNA with fabulous villas and soft soft sand and clear blue waters in various hues. It is fondly called the million dollar stretch as its claimed that the private villas that lie there are all valued at over a million dollars. The villas are simply out of this world and are so damn luxurious leading you to sometimes question whether you are actually just an hour away from Colombo.

I have stayed at some amazing properties including Era Beach by Jetwing, Villa Saldana, Cantaloupe Aqua and Tamarind Hill just to name a few.

These are just two of the pictures I took off my Blackberry so excuse the quality but do head to the south if your free. Lots of lovely places to eat and very chilled out watering holes too. Considering the close proximity to Colombo it has certainly become the new lifestyle destination for the under 30’s!

Photo Credits: Me and http://www.reservationinthenameofjones.com/

2 Responses to “Talpe”
  1. u4j10 says:

    nice.more pics please 🙂

  2. Need more pics 🙂 welcome back!

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