My Favourite Songs – well just three of them!

These three songs always hit a nerve with me. I will always stop and listen if ever they are played, be it on the radio or as the first dance at a wedding. I love Stings music and have come to love the The Real Thing and The Temptations although both these groups are from … Continue reading

A Great Pick-Up Line!

Smiley face written in the sky during the inauguration of Governor Bob Martinez Back in Uni, I used to hang out with a bunch of girls who were beautiful and intelligent. It would be a common for Betty and Usha to receive numerous pick up lines on our nights out on the town. One particular … Continue reading

When age does matter

I haven’t been eating well over the past few days. My parents were concerned cause they can’t generally get me away from food. Everyone jumped to the conclusion that I was pregnant cause I complained I was tired and sleepy and feeling nauseous. I saw a gleam in my father in-law’s eyes but he never said anything except for … Continue reading