OCD Tuesdays!

I have OCD. I know ive had it for sometime now but it seems to get worse and worse. Found out today that one of my colleagues was leaving early cause he had sore eyes. Everyone was feeling sorry for him and what do i go and say to him “did you touch the door handle?” I didn’t mean … Continue reading

Remembering 9/11

In two days  time we will all remember 9/11. It happened 10 years ago. I cant beleive it has been so long. I remember watching it on the telly in Melbourne at the break of dawn and being so shocked and devasted. It felt like we were watching a horror movie.   I visited NYC … Continue reading

Financial Infidelity

I came across a really interesting article today. Have you heard of Financial Infidelity? I hadn’t till now. According to Wikipedia, Financial infidelity is a term used to describe the secretive act of spending money, possessing credit and credit cards, holding secret accounts or stashes of money, borrowing money, or otherwise incurring debt unknown to one’s spouse, partner or significant … Continue reading

Standing up for the Ladies!

Firstly Happy International Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies out there.   My mother in law sent me this link today and I loved it so much that I wanted to share it all with you.   The useless men in my office didn’t even bother to be nice to us even today so … Continue reading

The 13th Sign

This morning I’m listening to the radio on my way to work when they start discussing the 13th sign of the zodiac. WHAT??? So it seems that there is a new sign called “Ophiuchus”, pronounced “Oficus” and it falls between November 30th and December 17th. My initial thought was that all hell would break loose. … Continue reading

Shocking Behaviour

I thought i had road rage till this morning when some shocking behaviour was displayed by a fellow driver. I normally take the townhall-park street-staples street route to get to work. Like every other day two lines had been formed to turn right to Park Street. I was in the outer line when this white … Continue reading


So Sri Lanka has just been given a special public and bank holiday on the 18th! I must say im ecstatic. Couldnt imagine trying to get to work tomorrow with the well thought out traffic plan. Sheesh! What the hell were they thinking?? “Walk from Fort railway station and park your car on the road” … Continue reading


Recently I have been preoccupied about my stalker. Yes I have one or I had one. I’m yet to find out what will happen. Lets start from the very beginning. One saturday morning, I’m running my weekend errands, when I suddenly realise that this car is following me. I knew it was tailing me cause … Continue reading


I was walking past one of the city hotel ballrooms yesterday when I stopped to look at the hall decor. Initially what caught my eye was a pretty entrance, kind of like a mini jungle although the white picket fence looked a little out-of-place. My curiosity got the better of me so instead of walking … Continue reading

For Michael

Its been just over a week since we all heard the shocking news about Michael Jackson’s death. I guess its taken this long for me to gather my thoughts on this musical genius. Ive known and recognised Michael’s music since I was only 3. I’m guessing I caught on from thaththi’s passion for music. His … Continue reading